2018-05-25 19:42:12

Removed Session Download

Due to the GDPR of the EU, I had to remove the Download-Button for both clients, because I am using Google-Recaptcha to protect against bots.
I will implement an 'opt-in' option and activate the Download-Button later again.

Best regards
2018-05-02 20:05:54

Server merge -2-

I am having some bad news for all people who did/will transfer the server.
The aiDPS developer did some tests and it seems that the unique ID for all transfered character will change.

So everyone who is moving his character to another server, will lose his character profile on pve ranks, because I won't be able to identify this character anymore. The characters will still be available, but can't be updated anymore.

Best regards

2018-05-01 13:39:33

Server merge

Last week GF removed their new servers "Grendal", "Padmarashka", "Fregion" and "Miren", which means that all character of that servers were moved to one of the old ones.
This forced me to move all character of the new servers to one of the old one aswell.

I did move the characters to the following server:

  • Fregion (DE) --> Thor (DE)
  • Grendal (EN) --> Antriksha (EN)
  • Padmarashka (FR) --> Hyperion (FR)
  • Miren (PL) --> Barus (PL)

Thats the same order GF did.
In some cases, there was already a character with the same name on the old server which lead to a name conflict. In that case, I did rename the character of the new server with a random string and then moved it.

Since I don't how GF moves the characters to the new servers internally, I can't assure that your character will have the same unique ID.

That means: If you transfer the server, you COULD lose your character profile on pve ranks eventhough your character was verified. We will see it in the next weeks.

What I am sure about is:
If your character was on one of the closed servers and not verified with aiDPS until now, you won't be able to rename it and this character profile can't be updated anymore.

Furthermore I had to change the rules for the character creation of uploads.

  • Due to some trolls which uploaded sessions with fake names, I deactivated the character creation for the session creator of ARM sessions. This only applies to EU uploads. (If you want to upload a session with ARM, make sure your own character already exists on the website)
  • The aiDPS upload will take care of server transfers now. If a character transfered to another server and already existed on the website, it will be moved to the new server.

Best regards
2018-04-21 14:08:57

Missing critical hits

ARM sessions which were uploaded since the last week are showing wrong critical hits. I will have to reupload all sessions since that, but this will take some time. All new incoming sessions will show the right critical hits.

Best regards
2018-04-15 17:22:02

Removed Sessions

I had to remove about 300 aiDPS sessions, because they obviously didn't do enough damage to kill the boss.

I think this happens, because the aiDPS client can't log all damage in some situations. (Players are out of range or the player had a game lag)
I also activated the "damage done check" for aiDPS sessions, to prevent that this happens again and I raised the damage tolerance for the check.

Best regards
2018-04-13 10:07:24

Activated the job, which process the ARM files.

2018-04-12 21:09:40

We are back...

It took me a while but the maintenance is finally over.

Important things first:
If you want to keep your character profile after the server merges of gameforge, you have to make sure that you or someone else did upload at least one aiDPS session of your character. You will see a verified icon in your character profile.

All Sessions which were recorded with ARM while the website was offline, can still be uploaded.

Due to a great event of gameforge, I had to remove all sessions which were uploaded on 09.03.2018 (I didn't want to identify which session used the OP buff sorry)

Now lets talk about the changes.

Front-End changes:

  • New landing page with news
  • Filter function for the overview and instance pages
  • Changed some statistic charts
  • Overall character ranking for each instance added with the instance rank, class rank and server rank
  • Added a filter into the character search table
  • Adjusted the character profile page a bit
  • Added a small icon in the character profile (verified), which means that a character is verified by aiDPS
  • Completly changed the global statistic page
  • Removed all javascript CDN for better performance
  • Added a filter into the skill rotation

Back-End changes:

  • Fixed alot of upload bugs with ARM
  • Minion damage will be assigned to unknown damage
  • Added dynamic Session-Notes to ARM, which means when a character changes his name, the sesion notes will show the current name
  • Fixed the bug where the wind transformation skill "Lightning Strike/Electro Bolts" was assigned to cleric.
  • Added better (hopefully) error messages to both clients
  • Some performance fixes

What's next?

  • Mark every session with an official game version and add a filter for that
  • Add all unknown skills, buffs and other shi** to the database
  • Not sure about that, but probably add a user registration to maintain a character profile
  • Prepare for the 6.0 update

I appreciate every feedback and try to take that into new versions.

Best regards