AION PVE Ranks is a damage analysing tool made by Wirkstoff and Werkstoff from the European server Thor. In cooperation with Hikari-Deyla, the founder of AionRainMeter, well known as ARM, we started this private project.

Thanks a lot to Jeffique, Nyuchi and Zilair, for beta testing and providing useful reviews.

Why did we make it?

Well, we have been playing AION for a long period of time now and always had fun to compare ourselves to other players in PVE. We also liked to compete in manually maintained ranking lists in the official Gameforge forums. Someday those lists got closed and the responsible player stopped continuing them. Thats when we started to think of doing it automatically and later started contacting the founder of ARM.

What does it do?

Our website is gathering data of AION and analysing it to provide an up to date overview of Aion PVE Ranking.
We will also try to further analyse important facts about instances and classes, so players have the chance to draw conclusions from the provided data and improve themselves.

How does it work?

There are two ways to send data to us:
  1. AionRainMeter
  2. aiDPS
Both tools gather data such as damage, hits, buffs and heals in AION, done by the user and his surrounding players and enables him/her to upload it to our server, which analyses the data and saves the information to our database. The sent data will instantly be available on our website and the user gets a link to his session.


If you have any further questions, you can contact us on the ARM Forum or just write a Mail: