Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

We are analysing your bossfight within supported instances. This data will be processed, saved and shown to you.

What do I need?

You need a European- or NA-Aion- Client and a running and updated version of ARM.
You also have to follow some rules, else we can't accept your data.

What do I have to do?

Start or reset ARM before fighting the boss within a supported instance.
After killing the Boss, you can easily upload the recorded fight to our server via ARM (File > Upload session (aionpveranks)). After your upload, you will get a session link to your fight.
You don't have to worry about having ARM running long time before the boss fight started, you just have to make sure that you followed the rules

What are the rules?

  1. Your ARM session contains data about a supported instance.
  2. Every Player has to use a Class specific skill to be found in the session.
  3. You did kill the boss AND you were alive when the boss died.
  4. You didn't exceed the time limit of an instance.
  5. Your ARM session contains only data about one boss kill
  6. After the boss fight starts, you are not allowed to use the following ARM functions:
    • Pause button
    • Save button
    • Remove player data
    • Single SM-Mode, with two or more SM's in Group/Ally
  7. After the boss kill, you are not allowed to remove any player data.
  8. Use your real character name!
  9. If you run more than one AION client, then don't do damage with all clients at the same time.

If you break one of these rules, your session won't be accepted or will be deleted afterwards.
We are also aware of cheater and if we clearly see that someone did cheat, we will ban that player and remove his sessions!

Which instances do you support?

We are supporting the following instances:

How do you calculate the iDPS?

The iDPS is determined by two factors.

Damage = damage from first hit to last hit on the boss
Time = time from first hit to last hit on the boss in seconds

iDPS = damage / time.

Time you took for the boss: 354 seconds
Damage done to the boss by you: 1.756.147

4.960,86... = 1.756.147 / 354

Which language packs do you support?

We are supporting the GF and NA language pack. It doesn't matter which one you are using.